We seek structure from chaos

PatternVision specializes in T-Pattern Detection and Analysis, TPA, with the specially developed THEME™ software to discover and analyze hidden repeated temporal and often multimodal patterns in behavior with special focus on interactions ranging from interactions within populations of brain neurons in living brains to a multitude of human behavior, for example, human courtship and sports, children‘s play and patient behavior and interactions. Whenever the data can be presented as various repeated events in time, TPA can be the analysis of choice and Theme, developed and used for many years at leading US and European universities, the only TPA software available. Its highly optimized algorithms have frequently allowed the detection of highly significant complex patterns typically invisible to unassisted observers and to other available methods and software.

We have thus provided tools and expert consultation to researchers within behavioral sciences, neuroscience, molecular biology, pharmacology, psychiatry, psychology, ethology, engineering, geophysics, sports science, criminology and many more.